A true Hoosier may be best defined as one who is filled to personal capacity with undying Hoosier spirit, whether native born or acquired, and will so proudly inform the world. It most likely would tax and tire the imagination of outsiders to picture 1000 plus full-of-it Hoosier men and women in proud, formal attire, swelling to capacity a resplendent, resonating Chicago hotel ballroom with an exuberance of spirit – all in tribute to Indiana. Veteran observers have reported that there is no other event quite like it in all our universe.

Though it may not produce an alluring glow visible to young eyes near Kentland, the intensity of human spirit and respect for history and values has nonetheless dramatically attracted generation after generation. Perhaps the phenomenon of such a Society speaks with downhome meaning to an uncertain, seemingly rootless world grown impersonal and complicated. Or maybe its simply because “the winds of Heaven never favored the border of a better land than our Indiana.”