Foundation Information


The Indiana Society of Chicago created an educational foundation in 1997 to address a real need for students and families facing escalating college costs. We have concentrated on providing scholarship assistance to greater Chicago area men and women attending colleges and universities in the State of Indiana.

As part of our research, we learned that scholarship awards tend to be front-end loaded — granted to incoming freshmen at fixed amounts. We were also reminded that unforseen expenses often occur later in the college experience, as financial wherewithal may well lessen.

So, as a consequence, we have carved out an award niche in providing scholarships to students entering their senior year at the school we are recognizing at our Annual Dinner. The school itself selects student recipients based on its criteria for achievement and financial need.

Response to the scholarship awards — from students, schools, and Indiana Society of Chicago members alike — has been very enthusiastic. It has been a gratifying experience for all of us. It’s not a stretch to say the warmth of genuine appreciation radiates from the Dinner award ceremony.

Scholarships have been awarded thus far to students from Valparaiso University, Purdue University, Indiana University, and a student intern at the Indiana Historical Society.

The Foundation is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, qualified as a charitable organization for income tax purposes. But this is only part of the reason we encourage any of you already filled with Hoosier pride to also help us fill our Scholarship Fund through gifts in cash or kind. Join us in increasing our capability to truly make a positive difference in the lives of our deserving Hoosier students and families.

Thanks for your consideration. Please direct any inquiries to:

Indiana Society of Chicago
Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 46129
Chicago, IL 60646

t: 847.673.2013